Telecom Installation

We provide Telecom services like

  • Installation of RRH, 5G battery, SMPS etc.
  • RF Site Survey
  • IBS Survey
  • WIFI survey
  • Planning and Designing of network
  • Drive Test / Walk Test
  • Installation of APS, Small cell, UBR, IBS, BTS
  • Indoor and Outdoor installations
  • Integration and Commissioning of AP, Smallcell, Racks, BTS
  • Cable laying (CAT-5)
  • Installation of Pole / Delta
  • Tower and Antena Installation
  • FTTH installation work
  • Telecommunication Network Rollout

Telecommunication Network Rollout

Solution provider to telecom companies :

  • Provides Turnkey and Itemized services Telecommunication WLN & WLL network by rolling out Underground media network
  • IBS
  • MW antennas installation
  • Security and surveillance system and solutions, site surveys
  • RF works
  • Network optimization.

Telecommunication Network O&M

  • Maintenance of Telecommunication network
  • Passive maintenance
  • MW antennas installation
  • Site surveys
  • RF works
  • Network optimization
  • Network maintenance.

Telecom Implementation (BTS/BSS-MW SWAP / Rectifier-Battery Bank SWAP / Expansion)

  • Field Survey, Drive Testing /LOS
  • Network Planning and Radio Network Optimization
  • BTS Installation, Testing & Commissioning
  • BSC & MSC (DDF/MDF)Installation, commissioning & Site Integration
  • GSM Transmission System Interconnectivity between BTS to BSC to MSC to PSTN
  • Fixed Line Networks, Access and Core Network using Optical, Copper and Radio Systems
  • Core and Access Network of GSM Mobile and Fixed Line
  • Microwave Backhaul, Access and Connectivity Solutions
  • Microwave systems