Video Wall

What is Video Wall?

  • A video wall consists of multiple computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen.Typical display technologies include LCD panels, LED arrays, and rear projection screens.
  • Screens specifically designed for use in video walls usually have narrow bezels in order to minimize mullion – the gap between active display areas – and are built with longterm serviceability in mind. Such screens often contain the hardware necessary to stack similar screens together, along with connections to daisy chain power, video, and command signals between screens. A command signal may, for example, power all screens in the video wall on or off, or calibrate the brightness of a single screen after bulb replacement.

Advantages of Video Wall

  • Desktop Streaming / Server streaming: For locally or remotely placed desktops and servers,this module provides a powerful method to get the data streamed from the local display monitor to the Controller.
  • Central layout. Global distribution: You can now design the layouts centrally and distribute over network using the powerful network manager. The network manager allows you to define all machines on your network using a tree. A powerful pull/push feature sends these layouts to the remote machines. The applications are automatically resized and repositioned as per the layout.
  • Higher quality and higher functionality video wall solutions compared to other video solutions such as such as projector based solutions – ability to see in bright light, better image quality.
  • Create dramatic effects for large audiences.
  • 24/7 usage in Landscape and Portrait mode.
  • Can be controlled from remote locations.
  • Noise less and fan free architecture.
  • 24X7 Corporate Networks monitoring.

Active Buyers

  • Network Operation Centers and Command & Control Rooms
  • Retail Showrooms, Malls, and Multiplexes
  • Large Auditoriums in Training Centers, Corporations or Presentation Halls
  • Museums, Traffic Operations Centers, Defense Area, Conference rooms, Casinos and many other environments.